Optimized Ecommerce Audiobook

Save yourself years of trial and error

If Your Ecom Store Is Not Generating The Sales That You Want, This Audiobook Is For You

Whether it’s making a few sales, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month … you will find something of value in this audiobook

What Is Optimized Ecommerce?

The Optimized Ecommerce audiobook is the ultimate resource for both existing and new ecommerce entrepreneurs starting an ecommerce store … who want to know how to grow a business and make bigger profits than ever before! 

With 204 pages (7h+ audiobook) of tried and tested content that has led to over 400M in sales, you’ll learn:

  • How to break through the “Iceberg Effect”
  • How to master the 12 core principles of e-commerce
  • What it takes to strategically outspend your competitors
  • Business calling and much much more.

Backed up by real data, this audiobook is the result of over 10 years of research and daily testing—not a single word of fluff filler or BS…

…and now available for just $9.95.

Plus, with 3 additional bonuses, including Lifestyle Metrics and Reverse Engineering training, you can build the lifestyle AND the business you’ve always wanted. 

Success is one click away…

Optimized Ecommerce PLUS a Bonus Bundle ($9.95)

Optimized Ecommerce Gives You The Roadmap You Need.

Let’s be real, business growtn is tough and you don’t need more stuff to do. 

In fact, you’re probably already doing too much. And most of what you’re focusing on is probably the wrong stuff.

What you need is a clear roadmap – something that tells you what to stop doing and what to start doing, so you can start increasing your incremental revenue.

…that’s exactly what Optimized Ecommerce is all about.

Now, you might be thinking, “Yeah, sure, another program promising the world.” 

But here’s the thing – my company Build Grow Scale™ is the real deal…

…and I can prove it!

Trusted By...

When you buy this book …

You will get a behind-the-scenes look into some of the most successful ecommerce brands out there. 

You will get the support and cutting-edge insider information from our 30+ team members that run the data, optimization, email and split testing for multiple 7 and 8-figure brands at any given time.

You will benefit  from insights from more ecom sales data in a month than most stores could do in years … as well as insights from millions of dollars of ad spend.

And, you will benefit from our 7+ year experience in growing and scaling dozens of  7 and 8-figure ecom brands. Over the past 7 years, we’ve learned exactly what moves the needle to grow a brand, and we’re ready to share our unique strategies for business growth.

So, if you’re ready to shortcut your way to success, it’s time to get your copy now. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Here’s What This Means For Your Business …

Once you have your hands on this, you’ll be equipped with a step-by-step blueprint to build your dream business – from the ground up!

We’ll take you on a journey covering everything you need to know, from setting up your Ecom foundations to creating a 7-figure store….

…and that’s not all

How to avoid all the mistakes ecommerce business owners usually make to gain an edge on your competitors and expand business opportunities.

You'll learn all the revenue optimization and scaling strategies required to take your business to the $10 million mark.

We'll show you how to take your 8-figure brand and transform it into a 9-figure empire, like some of the most successful and fastest startups out there.

With Optimized Ecommerce in your arsenal, the sky’s the limit.

There is nothing in the world that will give you a better return on your investment…

This Is It. The Blueprint You've Been Searching For To Build, Grow, And Scale A Thriving Ecommerce Business!

Everything we’ve learned and everything we use ourselves is in this book. 

Learn from our mistakes and our wins. 

Benefit from all the time, effort, and money that has gone into the experiences that made their way into this book.

14 chapters

Optimization, data,
and marketing.

3 sections

Optimized strategy,
optimized intelligence,
and optimized marketing

204 pages

Everything you need
to know to build, grow, and
scale your ecom business.

1 system

Follow what I outline
and it works in any

Here’s Everything Else You’re Getting With Your Optimized Ecommerce Audiobook For Only $9.95

Optimized Ecommerce Audibook

Listen to it on the go, whether you are driving, doing chores or walking. Or listen to it and read it at the same time, which has been proven to increase retention.

 MP3 Audiobook

Price : $37.00 $9.95

Downloadable PDF + Flip-Book

Instantly download it and read it on your computer, phone or tablet. Or flip through it online with the flip-book version.

PDF eBook

Price : $18.95 FREE

Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering

This training will help you build a business that supports your dream lifestyle, instead of building a glorified job that you’re a slave to.

Video Training

Price : $197.00 FREE

Building A Brand Worth Selling (Or Keeping)

This training is all about how to create a brand that doesn’t suck and a brand that your customers love and rave about.

Video Training

Price : $97.00 FREE

Why Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Sucks

In this training I will show you the magic of a well-executed backend, and how your whole life can literally transform when you build yours.

Video Training

Price : $97.00 FREE

That’s $446.95 value today for just $9.95. What are you waiting for?

Here’s what a few of our students say about Optimized Ecommerce…

“From mid-six figures to a healthy eight figures.”

“We would never have been able to put a system this effective together on our own.”

“After just 5 months of implementing, my return customer return rate went from 2% to over 55%!”

"I joined BGS when my sales were dropping and in 4-months I've been scaling to almost triple my volume without increasing ad budget!"

That’s a lot to take in so here’s the short version.

When you order Optimized Ecommerce
audiobook today, you’ll get:

  • Optimized Ecommerce Audiobook
    Optimized Ecommerce Audiobook ($37.00 Value)
  • Downloadable PDF Version + Flip-Book
    Downloadable PDF Version + Flip-Book ($18.95 Value)
  • Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering
    Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering ($197.00 Value)
  • Building A Brand Worth Selling (or Keeping)
    Building A Brand Worth Selling (or Keeping) ($97.00 Value)
  • Why Your Customer Lifetime Value Sucks
    Why Your Customer Lifetime Value Sucks ($97.00 Value)

Total value – $446.95

FREE today when you buy Optimized Ecommerce audiobook for

Only $9.95

All you need to do is click.

Opportunity is knocking - don't let it pass you by. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by saying yes.

It’s easy to think you’ve tried everything, and nothing works.

But the truth is that you haven’t tried it all…

…because you haven’t tried this. 

That leaves you with a simple choice. 

Continue doing what you’re doing and hoping for the best…

…or flip your strategy on its head and do what the 99% aren’t doing. 

When you get this book today and use the information inside, you will be on your path to building the dream business you’ve always wanted. 

And we are so confident that the information inside here will completely transform your business that it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee…

That’s right. 

As well as giving away $400 worth of pure ecommerce gold as a free bonus, we’ll refund your $9.95 if you aren’t delighted with the content. 

There is literally no reason not to give this a try.

This book is backed up by over $400M in ecom sales. 

Hundreds of testimonials and success stories. 

1000s of hours of research and data…

…and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

If we’d had this book when our sales were falling, we would never have found ourselves at the bottom of that hole.

But as I like to say, “Whatever happened and couldn’t have happened any other way because it didn’t.”

It was our personal battle that led us to create Optimized Ecommerce …

…and with this in your arsenal, you’ll never have to face the challenges we faced.

Discover the power of the Optimized Ecommerce audiobook for yourself…

…and start transforming your business today.

P.S. If $9.95 is too much you can always search “how to grow my business” online maybe one of the billion responses will say something useful.

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